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March - 2009: Renown Designer Juan Vela Adds Talents To Wilton Armetale

October 2009 - Wilton Armetale Metal Products Feature New Shapes And Designs

Fall 2009 Wilton Armetale introduction

New Designs Underway To Boost Company's Fashion Appeal
Mt. Joy, PA - March 2009 - Change continues at Wilton Armetale as Juan Vela aligns with the design team in a licensing arrangement, to bring new fashion into the company's expanding categories. Juan Vela has designed top sellers from companies ranging from Faberge Eggs for The Franklin Mint to Greeting Cards for Pumpernickel Press. Now the multi-talented designer lends his style to Wilton Armetale for a distinct market appeal.

"The time is right for a new direction and fashion forward infusion of style that Juan Vela brings to the table." remarks Wilton Armetale President & CEO, Ken Lefever. "Mr. Vela will work closely with the design team to make unique patterns, items and themes come to life in the Armetale metal category as well as the Bello Vaso glassware and Motif Ceramicware." In fact Juan Vela has worked with many other companies in the fashion, tableware and home industries. His client list ranges from F. Schumacher & Co., Louis Nichole, The Danbury Mint, West Point Stevens and many other highly recognized fashion driven entitiesMr. Vela elaborates, "My attitude towards drawing and painting is to create something I share with others. The purpose of my art is to communicate my love for Nature and the protection of the environment."

Further background on the successful artist shows that he a self-taught Fine Arts Painter, Illustrator and Designer. His award winning works, which demonstrate a delicate mastery of watercolor and print techniques, have garnered international recognition through his solo exhibitions and cover story in The Artist Magazine. His original watercolors and limited edition prints hang in both private and corporate collections. A truly versatile artist, Juan has also earned a place within the commercial art world, having produced illustrations for a wide range of licensed products and publications. He is also a noted nature book illustrator and has penned a range of articles on watercolor technique. He holds a persistent devotion to the fine arts. As a long time wildlife lover, he has traveled all over the world in pursuit of his subjects. Some of his solo shows include the ones at The International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, AZ and the National Wildlife Federation Gallery of Fine Art in Vienna, VA. Among others He has received a major award: The Gold Medal of Honor from the American Artist Professional League for Watercolor at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. Lefever remarks, "We have already received over 24 designs and have picked four that will be put into production. Typically this would take us many months, even years to pull together. Mr. Vela has accelerated this process exponentially, giving Wilton Armetale a speed-to-market advantage. We are committed to diversity and adding value to the Wilton collector and Mr. Vela's approach to design couldn't be more appropriate for the company's future." Lefever summarizes.

In fact new patterns and items will be available in the fall of 2009. The first project is to develop a new look that compliments Wilton Armetale's traditional lines. The designs will be integrated with all of the categories that the company is involved in (metal, glass and ceramic).

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